Fertility Boosting 2 Ingredient Tea Recipe

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Fertility Boosting 2 Ingredient Tea Recipe

Becoming a mother is a dream of most women but not everyone conceives easily . It could be because of endocrine disruptor  caused by stress, environmental pollution and toxins, toxins in personal care and household products. Many women struggle with underlying fertility issues and not everyone wants to turn to conventional fertility treatments with the drugs. If you are a woman who is looking for natural ways to boost your chances of conception or know someone who might benefit then this recipe is amazing! Trust me! 🙂

You will need:

1 Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Stick (You can buy it here)

Natural sweetener( I like raw Honey)


Boil a cup of water and put 1 Cinnamon stick into the pot. Let it boil for a minute and leave it to infuse further for about 20 minutes. Sweeten it or just have it straight. You can also add other fertility boosting herbs like red raspberry leaves, fennel, ginger etc.

Cinnamon is a miraculous spice that promotes blood flow, normalizes your period cycle  and improves your chances of conception. It works even better if the cause of infertility is PCOS. You really have to try it to see the result. Drink 1 cup a day.

 I am an avid Cinnamon Tea Drinker (I like Ginger and Cardamom tea too) so both the times I got pregnant in the first cycle itself . I love the taste of sweet and spicy cinnamon in teas, porridge, bread etc.  I really hope that this recipe helps you get pregnant soon! <3

Fertility Boosting 2 Ingredient Herbal Tea Recipe

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