5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp & a Pink Salt Lamp Giveaway!


5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Giveaway & a Pink Salt Giveaway

5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp & a Pink Salt Lamp Giveaway!

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp probably is one of the best kept health secrets! These Gorgeous Lamps made of Himalayan Salt  with a light bulb inside  can do miracles! We use Himalayan Pink Salt in cooking, bath, household cleaner and what not! Himalayan Pink Salt is good for so many things (separate post coming out on this topic) and Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is no exception. We love these Gorgeous Lamps with so many health benefits.

5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp:

1. Reduces Indoor Pollution- It clears up all the indoor allergens like dust, pollen, smoke and other contaminants which makes it an amazing air purifier.

2. Helps with Allergy and Asthma- Helps with Asthma and allergy symptoms because asthma and allergy are more often triggered by one of these pollutants. If someone in your family suffers from Asthma or allergy  then I highly recommend getting a salt lamp in their room. You would be able to see the changes immediately.

3. Reduces EMF radiation risks– As they emit negative ions into the air, Himalayan salt lamps work to neutralize electromagnetic radiation. If you work in front of the computer or laptop then I highly recommend placing one next to it while using. If you watch TV a lot then place one next to it(good we got rid of our TV a few years back).

4. Cleanses negative energies- Being an Energy Healer I can’t stress the importance of energy and vibes in your home. If you feel any sort of negative energies lingering around in your house, (whether it’s because of an unpleasant arguments, sad news or people with negative energies ) then turning on this magical lamp will clear away all the negative energies and fill it with fresh, positive energy. Salt is the most powerful cleanser and can cleanse anything that does not emit positive energy/vibes.

5. Improves Mood and sleep– Positive ions in the air are the culprits that reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain and cause poor sleep, anxiety and other mood problems. Himalayan Pink Salt  Lamp emits negative ions in the air so it is an excellent remedy for better sleep and brighter mood.

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You can read more about Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp health benefits here at Solay  Wellness’s Website. Solay Wellness offers a wide range of Beautiful Himalayan Salt products.

Here is your chance to win this Wonderful Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp from Solay Wellness!

Prize: 1 Large (9-13 lbs and 10 inches tall) Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp worth $50

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This Giveaway is open to the US Residents only (sorry but this product can not be shipped outside the US due to it’s heavy weight).

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UPDATE: And the Winner is Georgina, comment number 92! Congratulations! Please check your email 🙂

5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Giveaway & a Pink Salt Giveaway!

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