Win Handmade Organic Beauty Products Worth $50

Win Handmade Organic Beauty Products Worth $50

Happy 4th of July! I had promised you that I would run a Etsy Gift Card Giveaway but I will be running that Giveaway later this month. I have something else for you for now 🙂 Here’s your chance to Win Handmade Organic Skin care Products from an Etsy Shop Bella Organics!

Win Etsy Beauty products

Prize includes-
1 – 1.7 oz Organic Suncreen (95% Organic)
1 – 1.7 oz Whipped Shea Butter Face, Hands and Body Cream (100% Organic)
1 – 4 oz Anti-Aging Face & Hand Cream (100% Organic)
1 – Cherry Lip Gloss (100% Organic)
2 – 100% Organic Shea Butter Lip Balms

Brief description of the Sponsor:

Bella Organics

“My love for nature and clean organic produce goes way back to childhood where I grew up on a small family farm. We had all the organic fruits and vegetables we could eat and varieties rivaled the supermarket. When we moved out to a bigger city and growing our own produce was not an option I noticed it’s effect on my body. My skin became tired and I got sick more often. Slowly I started to go back to my roots and buying organic produce from local farms and got rid of conventional skin care products and began making them myself. With determination I found what works best and developed my own organic skin care line.

 It was my dream to help others find true safe alternatives for their everyday skin care needs. Our skin is our largest organ and we absorb most things that come in contact with it. I believe we should take care of our bodies and our body in turn will take care of us.

 With skin cancer on the rise today and poisoning of our earth and water, I want to do my part by offering organic and healing products our wonderful earth has such a rich supply of.”

 With love, Bella Organics

How To Enter

You can enter this Giveaway by following one (or more)of these Entry Methods.

You can choose any entry method( if you choose 2 entry methods you get 2 entries likewise you can get unlimited entries as long as the links are different, for example if you post this contest in 3 different places you get 3 entries)

Please leave a different comment for each method, for example if you blog about this contest, you are my email subscriber and you tweet this giveaway you gotta mention it on 3 different comments so that you get 3 entries.

Note: Please leave a comment saying which Entry method/methods you chose

Please read this before entering the Giveaway!

Post which method you used to enter this Giveaway in the Comment Section below along with the shared Links. Please include the links because I face this issue every time where the participant just says “Shared on Facebook”, “Pinned” or “Tweeted”, how do we know where you shared? And please do not use Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus if your account is set to Private because there’s no way we can see the links. I am repeating again, please post the Shared Links and NOT your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other Social Media Networks’ Profile URL.

Entry Methods

You can enter this Giveaway by following one (or more)of these Entry Methods. You DO NOT have to follow all the methods, just choose one (or more if you want multiple entries because multiple entries give you higher chances of winning) entry method and you will be entered in this Giveaway.

1. Subscribe to Beauty Secrets Revealed and post a comment saying that you subscribed (No need to mention your email address, I can verify each entry).

If you haven’t subscribed to my blog you can subscribe now.

2. Follow Beauty Secrets Revealed on Networked Blogs and let me know your NetworkedBlogs Display name by posting the link in the comment section.

3. Blog about this Giveaway and post the link in the comment section.

4. Tweet this Giveaway (You can tweet once a day and you must have atleast 50 followers, I have seen people tweeting with 0 or 1 follower, those entries will be deleted. Same thing applies to Pinterest too ) and post the tweeted link (not your Twitter Display Name) in the comment section.

5. Pin this Giveaway post the pinned link (not your Pinterest Display Name) in the comment section.

6. Share this Giveaway on Facebook and post the shared link in the comment section.

7. Share This Giveaway on Google Plus and post the shared link (not your Google Plus Profile link) in the comment section.

8. Like Bella Organics on Facebook

9. Follow Bella Organics on Twitter

Giveaway Rules

This Giveaway is Open to  residents of the US and Canada only

This Giveaway is open until July 25th  2013

Prize is not Redeemable for Cash

One winner will be selected randomly via

I would like to thank Bella Organics for sponsoring this Giveaway 🙂

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