Review Of Herbal Detox From Herb Pharm

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This is a Guest Post by Sherri Griffin of Overthrow Martha. Sherri, Thank you so much for your contribution 🙂

As a nurse, I know the importance of detoxifying our bodies. Everyday we are exposed to pollutants, chemicals, and other harmful substances that our body have to process and remove. By using a detoxification supplement, we can support our bodies by helping to remove toxins more efficiently. And when we remove the toxins our bodies are able to expend energy on other things like slowing premature aging, losing weight, fighting off illness, and restoring balance to the body. You know– all the things you’d want your body to do!

The big question is which detox program is best? After all, there are so many to choose from like the sugar detox, the bentonite clay detox, the fruit flush and sooooo many more! I’ve tried quite a few different programs and one of the most gentle detoxes I’ve found is Herbal Detox from Herb Pharm.


Herbal Detox from Herb Pharm

I’ve done quite a bit of research about Herbal Detox by Herb Pharm and I have seen testimonials from people claiming Herbal Detox has helped with blood pressure regulation, cystic acne, sluggish liver, sinus congestion, arthritis, skin conditions and more. There are some really impressive testimonials!Herb Detox a very gentle, yet effective detoxification program. It has been traditionally used for glandular and lymphatic support which is great for helping to cleanse the body of impurities and the breakdown of cellular waste, but it can also assist with excessive mucous and nutrient assimilation.

One of the things I love about Herb Pham is that all of their ingredients are either certified organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted which is absolutely fantastic! There are no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides to worry about and it is also gluten free.  Herb Detox is made of 9 different herbal cleansers and detoxifiers. These are also known as alteratives and depuratives which are a very important class of herbs in botanical medicine.

  • Red Clover is one of the staple detoxifying herbs. It’s known as a blood purifier and  can help correct deficiencies in the blood stream. It is probably best known in the herbalist community as an anti-cancer herb.
  • Licorice Root is one of the most broad spectrum natural detoxifying agent known by herbalists. It has been said to gently rid the body of over 1,000 known toxins.
  • Buckhorn Bark is a great herb to work on the intestines. Traditionally, herbalists have used it for constipation, but in the case of a detoxifying agent it can help stimulate the bowels to help move toxins from the body.
  • Burdock seed is a multi-system detoxifier and can support the functioning of the liver and kidneys, digestion, lymphatic and endocrine systems.
  • Oregon Grape Root  is known as a blood cleanser and it is often used to stimulate the liver, gallbladder, and detoxify the spleen.
  • Stillingia Root stimulates the lymphatic system which can support the endocrine system and hormone production.
  • Phytolacca Root  also helps to detoxify the lymphatic system and support a healthy immune response. It can also stimulate the intestines and ease bowel movements.
  • Wild Indigo Root works to support the immune system while detoxifying the lymphatic system. It can be particularly helpful with congestion and helping to remove mucous from the body.
  • Prickly Ash Bark is a traditional Native American remedy which boost lymphatic function, stimulate digestion, and promote joint health.

This detoxification product was so easy! The instructions state to add 40 drops in 2 oz of water (or juice), two to three times a day. You can even add it to warm tea, if you like. If drinking with water, the taste is mild and there is just a hint of bitter aftertaste.Did you know there is actually a benefit to tasting bitters?  Once the initial signal from the tongue reaches the brain, a nerve impulse is then initiated which results in an increase in gastric, pancreatic, gallbladder, and liver secretion. Isn’t that amazing?! Simply by tasting something bitter, your body begins a number of digestive functions! This is another reason why I love this product!

Do not take during pregnancy. Do not take drops more than six consecutive weeks without a two week break. Please keep out of reach of children.

How was the Detox Experience? 

Many detox programs can cause side effects. This is because as the detoxification program pulls out impurities from your tissues, it will distribute them into the blood stream so they detoxification organs can remove them. However,  while your liver and kidneys are playing catch up to remove the toxins, you can start to feel a little ill.

So when I started this detox program, I was prepared for side effects such as headaches, muscle aches or irritability. The Herbal Detox was so gentle compared to other detox programs I’ve tried! There were almost no noticeable adverse side effects.
However, if you have never detoxed before and/or have a high exposure to chemicals (heavy smoker, frequently drink alcoholic beverages, eat a lot of processed foods, etc.) you may still experience some detox symptoms such as headache, fatigue, moodiness, or flu-like symptoms. This should typically pass after a short while, but always use your best judgement. If you feel like you need a break from the detox, then take a break!
For me, the biggest change was that it really stimulated my body to remove the toxins! I was having to urinate 3-4 times a day more than I did when I was not taking the detox. After a few days, I found that I was starting to feel dehydrated, so I increased my water intake and began feeling better. So please— stay hydrated on this detox!
In terms of bowel movements, this is NOT a colon cleanse. It should simply help you to pass stools easily. If you develop diarrhea, please stop using the product immediately.
I would definitely recommend this detox for someone who was new to detoxifications or who was looking for a gentle way to purify and support the body. You can purchase Herbal Detox here.Herb Pharm also has a number of other herbal supplements which are free of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. I love the dandelion, too!
Disclaimer: This product was provided to me at no cost, but this is my honest review of Herbal Detox. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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