Ready To Glow Pomegranate Fig Body Care Gift Set Giveaway-Ends December 31st

Ready To Glow Poemgranate and Fig Gift Set

Ready To Glow Pomegranate and Fig Gift Set

Let’s start December’s Giveaway with this Wonderful Ready To Glow Pomegranate Fig Gift Set worth $12.99 from Fresh Organics

The Kit Contains-

Hydrating Body Lotion – This super-hydrating lotion combines the anti-oxidant benefits of organic white tea with rich emollient jojoba oil and therapeutic pro-vitamins. The perfect lotion for every day use, it is super-moisturizing, healing, and beneficial for all skin types.

Rich Exfoliating Body Scrub – Deeply clean and replenish the skin with crushed apricot and strawberry seeds blended with rich jojoba and apricot seed oil. This natural exfoliating scrub is loaded with healthy antioxidants and vitamins to refresh and renew your skin daily.

Gentle Body Wash – Gently wash your whole body without the harsh and drying effects of detergents or chemicals. Created with organic white tea, botanical extracts, and a healthy dose of vitamins. Discover how good clean can feel.

One lucky winner will win this Lovely Gift Set.

Brief Description Of The Sponsor

Jeff Wilkinson was a successful entrepreneur and businessman for many years before his son Nash was born. That event changed everything! While Jeff and his wife Michelle were already committed to a healthy lifestyle, they especially wanted to do everything right for their son. So when Nash developed unexplained allergies, rashes and chronic colds they were anxious to figure out what they were doing wrong.

They consulted with doctors and naturopaths and began a journey of eliminating things from their diet and household that could be causing Nash’s problems. Jeff and Michele began to educate themselves about the hidden dangers of many of the chemicals in commonly used products. They switched to eating mostly organic foods and reading labels like never before.

To Jeff’s astonishment, so many products designed for babies had synthetic perfumes and other allergenic or potentially toxic chemicals. By elimination they discovered that Nash was allergic to dairy, soy, most synthetic fragrances, petroleum products and sodium laureth sulfate. After Nash got better, however, his father realized that his desire to protect his own child had become a passion to protect all children from a world of deceptive advertising and toxic chemicals.

Jeff was able to consult with top chemists, dermatologists and herbalists to develop baby products that were organic, hypoallergenic and free of potentially damaging chemicals. The process was more complicated and costly than he’d ever imagined but, after 3 years of development, the final products were thoroughly tested and joyously approved.

Fresh Organics was born in 2008 to produce the first Organic Baby products. The company is a small ‘extended family’ who all share the Christian values of honesty, integrity and service. They are grateful for this opportunity to make a difference – even in a small way. Good things start small and they believe that, with their hard work and faith, they can grow their company while still keeping it Fresh and Organic!

How To Enter

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Giveaway Rules

This Giveaway is Open to anyone, Worldwide

You can enter this giveaway until December 31st 2009

The Prize is not redeemable for cash.

One Winner will be selected randomly (we use

I would like to thank Fresh Organics for sponsoring this Giveaway.

Rich Exfoliating Body Scrub – Deeply clean and replenish the skin with crushed apricot and strawberry seeds blended with rich jojoba and apricot seed oil. This natural exfoliating scrub is loaded with healthy antioxidants and vitamins to refresh and renew your skin daily.

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