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Morroccan Beauty Secret Argan Oil

Β Β  Moroccan Beauty Secret

I am starting a new category called Beauty Secrets From Around the World. I can already hear some sigh of relief! πŸ™‚ Finally, there’s something new and I am sure you are going to love this section. This section is all about Ancient Beauty Secrets from around the World. Every country has their own traditional and ancient beauty secret and knowing what other women do to beautify themselves definitely is interesting.

The first Beauty Secret from Around the World is from Morocco. Berber women in Morocco have been using Argan Oil to beautifuy their skin, hair and nails for centuries. Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Phenols and Phenolic Antioxidants, Carotenes, Squalene and Essential Fatty Acids.Β  Argan Oil is also rich in rare plant sterols that are not found in any other plant oils. These properties make Argan Oil an excellent Ingredient for the Skin, Hair and Nails. Berber women also use it for cooking but don’t bother about this part unless you are Jennifer Gates.

Argan OilΒ (buy here) is an excellent anti-aging treatment and you only need a few drops of it. Apply it to the skin and massage in a circular motion for about a minute, don’t forget the under eye area because it works wonders on dark circles and crow’s feet. It is wonderful on Eczema and all sorts of skin problems. You can use it as nail and cuticle oil and make your nails and cuticles healthy and strong. It also works as an amazing hair growth oil and makes your hair, thicker, shinier, stronger and healthier. Argan Oil is one of the rarest oil so make sure you buy your from a reputed seller and always go for Organic, Cold Pressed Argan Oil.

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