Iron Boosting Smoothie Recipe (Safe For Babies, Pregnant and Nursing Mamas)


Iron Boosting Smoothie Recipe (SafeFor Babies and Toddlers (For Pregnant and Nursing Moms too

Iron Boosting Smoothie Recipe (Safe For Babies, Pregnant and Nursing Mamas)

Did you know that Iron deficiency Anemia is very common in children? Is you Child getting enough Iron from his diet? While lack of enough Iron in body can make you lethargic, dull and weak at the same time Iron Deficiency in Children has also been linked to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a label given to children whose attention span is short, are unable to focus or concentrate and are hyper active. Instead of labeling it as a Physicatric disorder and pushing Ritalin on these innocent children if everyone can find a root cause of the problem and solve it then these labels or conditions wouldn’t exist. I will write more about ADHD and how to reverse it naturally with the help of Diet, Supplement, Herbs and Homeopathy later.

If you feel that your kid’s behavior has changed suddenly, if his appetite has decreased drastically, if he is losing weight, unable to focus or concentrate on anything then you might want to get his Iron level checked.

Low level of Iron can also cause some complications during Pregnancy. Commercial Iron supplements is not an answer because they are synthetic and not food based and often cause constipation and other discomforts. Low level of iron also increases your possibility of getting a Blood Transfusion after the Birth so make sure that your levels are great by adding Iron rich foods and herbs in your diet.

Iron Boosting Smoothie Recipe

Try this Smoothie Recipe for a month and see how your Iron level spikes up.

You will need:

1 Cup Coconut Milk

A Bunch of Spinach or any seasonal Greens

1/2 Beets, peeled and chopped into pieces

3 Pitted Dates (Organic and Unsulphured)

1 Kiwi

1 Tsp. Blackstrap Molasses (Organic and Unsulphured)

1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds

Some crushed ice

You can use a Sachet of Spatone if you are severely iron deficient. Spatone is iron rich water from Snowdania, Northern Wales.) And this is the only iron supplement (apart from the food based iron in my Prenatals) I took during both my Pregnancies.

Beets, Dates , Blackstrap Molasses, and Spinach are rich in Iron, Vitamin C in Kiwi helps with proper Iron absorption

Mix everything together and blend it in a blender. Your Iron rich Smoothie is ready to be served.

This recipe is suitable for Babies (6 months and above), Toddlers, Pregnant, Nursing Moms or anyone with Low iron level.

You can read more about Low Iron Level and ADHD connection here


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