Herb Pharm’s Herbal Emergency First Aid Kit Review

This is a guest review by Tashenna Lawson of Holistic Health Herbalist. Products were sent to Tashenna for a review by Herb Pharm on Holistic Saffron’s behalf. Thank you so much Tashenna! 🙂

My Next Post is about creating your own Holistic Medicine Kit Using Herbs, Essential Oils and Homeopathy, will also be covering the EV-68 protection and treatment tips so stay tuned! 🙂

Herb Pharm’s Herbal Emergency First Aid Kit Review

Herb Pharm's Herbal Emergency First Aid Kit Review

So I have to admit, this review took way longer than anticipated because let’s face it, I’m not the most graceful person. In fact, there isn’t a time where I DON’T have a nice bruise somewhere, most of which are discovered in the shower, the origins unknown.

So you may be thinking, alright, being clumsy is the perfect reason for a quick review on products that treat and sooth pain and injury. Sure, it is! However I wanted to wait for something a little more “painful” to happen so I could reaaaally give you guys the scoop, and believe me when I say that Yoga delivers.

I’m not by any means flexible. I have never been able to touch my toes or lift my leg even remotely close to my face. Yeah, it’s sad and a bit disheartening because these short comings really affect my posture! My hamstrings are so tight that they literally make me slouch. So what’s a girl to do but try to improve flexibility? Yoga.

I will spare you the comical embarrassment of me trying to do this “yoga”. Suffice to say that I am incredibly sore, a bit cranky, and in some serious need of relief. That’s where Herb Pharm comes in! I’m so happy to review their products after using their products for the past 10+ years.

The Products- Pain and Injury

“Herbal medicines are only as effective as the quality of the herbs from which they are made.” Nothing rings more true in the world of herbalism and I’m happy to say Herb Pharm delivers.

There are few herbal companies I trust that can uphold the integrity of their products. All of Herb Pharm’s herbal preparations are organic or wild crafted, sustainably harvested, carefully prepared, and formulated with a high understanding of traditional and modern herbal medicine.

Herb Pharm is known for their high quality and potency. Whenever I don’t use my own herbal preparations, it’s always Herb Pharm I turn to because of their effectivness. Their products are also easy to find in most health food stores so when I’m in a pinch, I can easily run and out and get what I need.

You can learn more about Herb Pharm here.

Arnica Oil

I often use arnica to treat bumps and bruises so I have a multitude of various preparations for it. Most of the time I use a liniment (an herbal preparation that uses rubbing alcohol) since bruises are close to the surface and this method is quick, easy, and effective. This time however, I had some connective tissue stuff going on in both wrists and I needed some deep relief; something that was going to really sink in.

Yoga can really stretch out your ligaments and tendons so it’s handy to have arnica oil on hand for these situations. The oil penetrates deep into the skin and is absorbed by the surrounding tissues. Arnica is highly balancing for inflammation and is really great for reducing pain and dispersing stagnation caused by bruising.

As soon as I began feeling discomfort I applied a liberal amount of arnica oil to the affected areas 3 or more times a day. After a few applications, I really began to feel relief. Now, if I was smart, I would have applied the arnica oil long BEFORE attempting yoga to suspected problem areas like wrists, shoulders, and hamstrings because arnica is also an amazing pain and swelling preventative! To help prevent pain and injury, apply arnica at least once per day several days before strenuous exercise.

Herb Pharm’s Arnica Oil is made using shade dried whole arnica flowers macerated in organic olive oil.

Read more about Herb Pharm’s Arnica Oil here.

The Original Salve

This salve is made with some pretty fantastic herbs, all of which help treat and sooth pain as well as support quick healing and recovery.

Here’s what’s in it:

• Comfrey Root-

This herb is known to be incredibly healing for broken bones and fractures because of its high content of allatoin. In case you’re wondering, allatoin is a cell proliferative meaning it makes cells grow a lot faster than normal. This is the main reason why comfrey is so effective because when it’s applied to wounds or broken bones, they mend a lot faster.

• St. John’s Wort-

Applied topically, St. John’s Wort is anti-inflammatory and helps to heal minor wounds and skin irritations. It is also good for soothing aches and pains so I like to use it for muscle injuries, strains, sprains, contusions, cramps, tension, and muscle spasms.

• Calendula Flower-

Aside from being incredibly soothing for many skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, burns, and acne, calendula is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory.

• Chickweed-

An astringent herb, chickweed is great for dispersing stagnation causes by bruising. It is also an effective treatment for minor wounds, burns, insect bites, and many other skin irritations.

• Mullein Leaf-

Topically, mullein is slightly analgesic (pain relieving) and a gentle lymphatic (drains stagnant fluid). Applied to sore muscles and areas of inflammation, mullein has the ability to reduce discomfort quickly and effectively.

• Plantain Leaf

A fantastic herb to use for itchy skin and bug bites, plantain is also great for soothing skin conditions like chicken pox, rashes, sores, poison oak, eczema, and psoriasis.

I have used this salve on conjunction with the arnica oil with really great results! Simply apply the arnica oil first and then apply a small dab of Original Salve over it to really amp up the healing effects of these herbs.

Trauma Drops

Now this is a neat remedy! Not only can you treat sore muscles topically, you can also treat emotional and physical trauma form your experience internally.

I have always loved using herbs both internally and externally for a sort of one-two punch when treating different ailments. Arnica works especially well this way for yoga fiasco. The soreness and inability to firmly grasp anything with either hand has been frustrating as someone who blogs because using the keyboard was totally out of the question! Using Trauma Drops along with the topical remedies discussed above have reduced pain and swelling within just a few hours.

Here’s what’s in it:

• Calendula-

The internal use of calendula dates back thousands of years. It was often used to help detoxify the liver and spleen as well as soothe an inflamed digestive tract. Calendula is also great for treating bruises internally as it tightens and drains capillaries. It is also a very calming herb both physically and emotionally. You can read more about Calendula here.

• St. John’s Wort-

Best known for its anti-depressant properties, St. John’s Wort is great for easing negative emotions that may be associated with physical injury. It increases serotonin and feeling of content to help you cope with difficult situations.

Internally, St. John’s Wort reduces inflammation and muscle pain. You can read more about St, John’s Wort here. You can read more about how herbs can support you emotionally here.

• Arnica Flowers-

Used internally for all types of injury as well as joint and muscle pain. It stimulates blood to flow to and from injuries allowing for faster healing.


Herb Pharm has really impressed me with these awesome remedies! Not only have they been effective, they have also worked quickly and with little fuss. I’m happy to say that after just a few days I’m nearly 100% back to normal! I hope you give them a try =)

About the Author
Tashenna Lawson is a student at the East West School of Planetary Herbology where she studies diagnostic Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic medicine. She’s an artist, herbalist, and daydreamer on a journey to health, happiness and clear skin! She blogs over at Holistic Health Herbalist. You can follow her on There’s an EO For That! Facebook GroupPinterestTwitter, and Google+.

Herb Pharm's Herbal Emergency First Aid Kit Review

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