Citrine’s Holistic Flu Remedies!

Citrine's Flu Remedies

Note: Please remember that this is an Earth Friendly PDF E-book and NOT a Physical Book. It can be viewed and read on PC, Laptop, Ipad and Smartphones.

Citrine’s Holistic Flu Remedies!

What if I told you that Flu could be easily prevented and treated with simple natural ingredients and remedies? 

Why Risk Your Health & Well-Being When The Solution Is So Simple?

People have been dealing with influenza for millennia via natural and 100% fail-safe ways. After an extensive research, I have collected all the life-changing tips, healthy recipes and organic remedies to keep that dreadful virus out of your home!

I will also tell you the scary side of the Flu Shots and how they don’t work!

Holistically Flu Free. All You Need To Know To Stay Healthy.

You don’t have to worry anymore! Finally, you can have a complete guide for preventing, treating and overall dominating influenza through natural and healthy solutions. Broken down into chapters covering nutrition advice, aromatherapy tips, beneficial and effective herbs, exciting homeopathic remedies and acupressure guides, you are provided with an all-in-one solution to flu-proof your home!

Protect Yourself & Your Family Now.

Nowadays flu season seems to go all year round it’s because flu is not a seasonal illness but is a result of a weak immune system! As a result, you absolutely need to know what to do and what to avoid in order to stay healthy!

Did you know that you can make your own 100% organic anti-flu supplement?

Did you know that you can enjoy delicious, flu-busting soups and smoothies that will help you get healthy in no time?

Did you know that certain herbs can have extremely beneficial effects when battling with the flu?

You can learn all that and even more by reading Holistically Flu Free.


Citrine’s Holistic Flu Remedies! A Must-Have Book For Every Holistic Family!

Are you worried about catching a Flu? Don ‘t let the word “Flu” scare you! 

You can prepare your body to fight anything by strengthening your Immune System! Your body already knows how to heal only if you let it do it’s work. 

Flu Shot is Toxic and even Fatal with so many serious lifelong consequences! 

In this Book, I will show you how to strengthen your Immune System so that you no longer have to fear getting a Flu. Even if you have already caught a flu when you order this book you will learn about plenty of natural remedies to combat a flu. 

Holistic Therapies


#Learn how you can prepare your body and home holistically so that none of your family member catches the dreaded FLU!


#Learn how to make your own anti-flu supplement, massage oil blends, vapor rubs, tinctures, flu busting teas, smoothies, soups, flu gummies!


#Learn which homeopathic remedies to use!


#Learn how Aromatherapy Essential Oils can help you!


#Learn which herbs and supplements can help you prevent and treat a flu! 

And much more…

Price- $21

10% of all the sales will go towards feeding malnourished children in India via Akshayapatra Foundation 

Note: Please remember that this is an Earth Friendly PDF E-book and NOT a Physical Book. It can be viewed and read on PC, Laptop, Ipad, Smartphones and Any E-readers


Citrine Joyous

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