Downward Facing Dog(Adho Mukha Svanasana) Yoga Pose

Reducing Dark Circles with Downward Facing Dog(Adho Mukha Svanasana)Yoga Pose

Dark circles seem to be a fact of life that we all need to deal with from time to time. Whether your face looks worn thanks to stress, poor nutrition, or lack of sleep, dark circles can not only affect your eyes, but also your confidence.

However, there are simple steps you can take to reduce the appearance of dark circles in just a matter of days. And one of the best methods is to take advantage of the downward facing dog yoga pose.

Exercise is crucial for your health and your skin, and a lack of exercise can really affect your complexion. While facial exercises get a lot of attention for improving the flow of blood through the vessels in your face, full body stretches such as the downward facing dog can do wonders.

The inverted position allows blood to move freely to and from your face and underneath your eyes, while the constant focus on breathing and posture can singlehandedly invigorate your entire body.Β  The pose allows your body to stretch while forcing you to focus on your own needs and taking advantage of the relaxing break for your everyday routine. In all, the downward facing dog yoga pose allows you to feel more relaxed and better about yourself, while simultaneously making your skin look better as well.

The even better news is that not only does this easy yoga pose reduce the appearance of dark circles, but it can also bring you an overall radiant complexion. And its effects can take hold quickly and last for as long as you stick dedicated to your poses.

Downward Facing Dog Video

Downward Facing Dog Steps

To engage within the downward dog yoga pose you can easily follow along with these simple steps:

Step 1- Lower yourself onto the floor so that you are positioned on your hands and knees. Position your knees below your hips and settle your hands onto the floor just slightly ahead of your shoulders. Spread your fingers open and turn your toes underneath.

Step 2- Breath in and lift your knees upwards away from the floor. Keep them slightly bent at first and allow the hells to lift away from the floor. Lengthen your body and press your tailbone lightly and slowly towards your pelvis. While resisting, lift your tail end towards the sky and use your ankles to life your legs up and stretch them into your groin.

Step 3- Once again breathe out slowly and push your thighs back and stretch and straighten your heels onto the floor. Straighten out your knees without locking them and keep your outer thighs firm. Narrow your pelvis and roll your upper things inwards just a little bit.

Step 4- Tighten your upper arms and push your fingers into the floor. From this pose lift along the inner side of your arms and keep your shoulder blades straight across your back. Then widen the shoulder blades and pull them towards the tailbone while keeping your head in position between your upper arms.

Step 5-Enjoy the relaxation and stretch that the pose offers, and the rewards will come on their own. Remain in the position from anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes then slowly bend your knees onto the floor while exhaling and rest in a comfortable position.

Stop worrying about dark circles under your eyes and get the radiant complexion that you want with a little more exercise, starting with the downward facing dog yoga pose.

Note: Do Not Try Downward Facing Dog –

If you are Pregnant

If you have carpel tunnel syndrome

If you are suffering from a recent or chronic injury to the back, hips, arms or shoulders.

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