Cayenne Pepper Can STOP A Heart Attack In Its Tracks In 30 Seconds!

Cayenne Pepper Can STOP A Heart Attack In Its Track In 30 Seconds

Cayenne Pepper Can STOP A Heart Attack In Its Tracks In 30 Seconds!

Heart Attack kills millions of people around the World every year. I think its very important to learn more about a Heart attack, its Symptoms and what to do in case someone gets it so that it doesn’t become fatal. In any case I recommend you to go to the Hospital as soon as possible. This remedy mentioned in this post CAN stop a heart attack and people have been using it as a way to stop   a Heart Attack for many Years but you still need an immediate medical attention and use this remedy as a complementary therapy.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack could be:


Shortness of Breath


Excessive Sweating

Chest pain or tightness

Pain in the shoulders, jaw, back, arms or neck (these parts may become stiff)

What to Do When You Get A Heart Attack:

If you suspect that you are getting a Heart Attack (refer to the symptoms above) take 10-12 drops of Cayenne Tincture (if its too hot take as much as you can) as soon as you can. Cayenne Pepper is the most powerful natural stimulant and it can quickly boost blood circulation which is why it stops a Heart Attack. Remember that the Cayenne Pepper you use for this purpose MUST be at least 90,000 heat units or 90,000(H.U.). Buy Cayenne Extract Here.

Take Homeopathic Remedy Carbo Veg 200c (buy here) 5-6 drops or 3 Pills after taking the Cayenne Tincture (though homeopathic rule says not to take any food 30 minutes before or after taking the remedy in this case it can be an exception because there’s no time to waste, not even a second). Carbo Veg is also known as  a “Corpse Reviver” or “Homeopathic Oxygen” and can help you breathe better during a Heart Attack.

Heart Attack Prevention Tips:

Taking care of your Heart Health is the first step that you can do to prevent a Heart Attack or any other Heart related diseases. Include these foods and supplements to protect and strengthen your heart.

Tissue Salt Remedies For A Healthy Heart

Cell Salts are a group of homeopathic remedies made from minerals and are required by your body for proper functioning. It is absolutely safe to take it everyday.

To prevent a Heart Attack you can also take these 3 Cell Salts that act as a Heart Tonic in 6x Potency 3 times a day for as long as you want.

Kali Phos

Mag Phos

Calc Fluor

You can buy these Cell Salts here Here

Heart Healthy Foods and Supplements

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids from Mercury Free Fish, Walnuts, Chia Seeds

Coenzyme Q10 (Buy Here)

Arjuna (Buy Here)

Garlic (5-6 Cloves of raw Garlic everyday)

Hawthorn Berry (Buy Here)

Calcium Magnesium Supplement

Vitamin D



Avoid hydrogenated oils, refined sugar, processed and junk foods. Replace table salt with herbs and sea salt like this.

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Cayenne Pepper Can STOP A Heart Attack In Its Track In 30 Seconds

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