Herb Pharm’s Herbal Emergency First Aid Kit Review

This is a guest review by Tashenna Lawson of Holistic Health Herbalist. Products were sent to Tashenna for a review by Herb Pharm on Holistic Saffron’s behalf. Thank you so much Tashenna! :) My Next Post is about creating your own Holistic Medicine Kit Using Herbs, Essential Oils and Homeopathy, … [Read more...]

The Most Amazing Herbal Tea Recipe For Anxiety and Depression

September is an International Suicide Prevention Awareness Month so I am going to post a few articles on anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression is no joke and if you have never experienced it count yourself lucky! I would say that living with depression is one of the toughest and bravest … [Read more...]

Holistic Vaccine Detox Protocol For Babies & Children

I am a member of several Natural Parenting Facebook Groups and this is one topic that comes up almost every single day so I decided to write this article. You can join our Facebook Group to network with like minded Mamas if you need any kind of support.   Vaccinating or not vaccinating is your … [Read more...]

Flu-Proof Your Body & Home With This Powerful Natural Ingredient! Natural Flu Remedies for Children and Adults

Natural Flu Remedies for Children and Adults Flu season is here and I can already hear people talk about Flu Shots! I have never got a flu jab in my entire life and will never get it! Why? Because it simply doesn't work and does so many harms instead. Flu vaccine is nothing but a guesswork and … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies For Grief and Loss

I am so sorry for not updating the Blog for almost a month! I took a Blogging Break because I am still trying to cope with my recent loss.  My Amazing Grandma passed away ! I have been hit emotionally when life has already been quite challenging for the past few months. We all grieve at some point … [Read more...]

The Best Home Remedy Book- Review of Everyday Roots Home Remedy Book

Are you looking for the Best Home Remedy Book? Your search ends here because I have found an amazing e-book that you are sure to fall in love with! Being a Herbalist I own so many books and e-books on home remedy and herbs but this one is so good that I recommend everyone to have a copy of it. … [Read more...]

Review Of Herbal Detox From Herb Pharm

This is a Guest Post by Sherri Griffin of Overthrow Martha. Sherri, Thank you so much for your contribution :) As a nurse, I know the importance of detoxifying our bodies. Everyday we are exposed to pollutants, chemicals, and other harmful substances that our body have to process and remove. By … [Read more...]

3 Natural Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you have sore wrists that pain so much that you can’t even move? Do you frequently drop things? It might be a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS). I never had this problem until the birth of my Son.  It all started when my Son was 6 months old. I started to feel that my wrists were getting weaker and … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle Sale- 80 eBooks Worth $900 For $29.97 Only!

I am so excited to bring to you the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale! Collection of over 80 eBooks and resources worth $900 for $29.97 ONLY! This has to be the most comprehensive set of homemaking resources ever! Sale Ends in 5 Days! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a complete library of great … [Read more...]

Cayenne Pepper Can STOP A Heart Attack In Its Tracks In 30 Seconds!

Cayenne Pepper Can STOP A Heart Attack In Its Tracks In 30 Seconds! Heart Attack kills millions of people around the World every year. I think its very important to learn more about a Heart attack, its Symptoms and what to do in case someone gets it so that it doesn't become fatal. In any case I … [Read more...]

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