5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp & a Pink Salt Lamp Giveaway!

5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp & a Pink Salt Lamp Giveaway! Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp probably is one of the best kept health secrets! These Gorgeous Lamps made of Himalayan Salt  with a light bulb inside  can do miracles! We use Himalayan Pink Salt in cooking, bath, household … [Read more...]

Health Risks of EMF Radiation and DefenderShield EMF Protection Pad Giveaway

Did you know that EMF Toxicity is a serious thing? Are you doing anything to protect your family against it? If you are a pregnant or nursing Mama and spend a lot of time around your laptop/cell phone etc.then it is even more important to protect yourself from these harmful radiation. Here is your … [Read more...]

Hazelaid $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

I am so excited to announce that there will be several Giveaways on Holistic Saffron in the next few weeks so do not forget to sign up for the Holistic Saffron Newsletter! First Giveaway during this Holiday Season is by Hazelaid. Hazelaid is giving away 2 Gift Cards worth $25 each to 2 Lucky … [Read more...]

Win Arade Organic Prickly Pear Facial Oil Worth $80- (GIVEAWAY!)

Prickly Pear Seed Oil is a boon to the beauty industry because of its amazing anti-aging skin benefits. If you haven't heard of or tried it yet here is your wonderful chance of winning a bottle of this miraculous facial oil worth $80! What a better give away than a powerful gift from the desert. … [Read more...]

SmartyPants GMO Free Prenatal Gummies Worth $60( Review and GIVEAWAY)!

Finding the perfect Prenatal supplement is most Pregnant Mamas' biggest dilemma because there are many factors to consider before settling for the one that truly delivers what its supposed to deliver without causing any harm to the Mama and the Baby. Some prenatals are so huge its a nightmare to … [Read more...]

35 Awesome Giveaways- Win $1000 Amazon Gift Cards,Ipad Mini, Etsy Gift Card and More…!!!

35 Awesome Giveaways- Win $1000 Amazon Gift Cards, Ipad Mini and More...!!!   Hold your breath Guys because today I am sharing an Awesome Giveaway Round-up from my Wonderful Village Green Network Friends ! You can win Amazon Gift Cards, Ipad Mini, Kitchen Tools, Books and … [Read more...]

Win Etsy Gift Card Worth $25

Win Etsy Gft Card Worth $25 Wouldn't it be awesome if you could win a Gift Card? You can buy anything you want and keep it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones. I am running an Etsy Gift Card Giveaway for the second time so feel free to participate :) Oh! And I am going to post an Awesome … [Read more...]

Winner of Etsy Gift Card Giveaway

  Thank you everyone for participating in our Etsy Gift Card Giveaway :) The Winner is Carol, comment number 14. Congratulations Carol! You will soon be receiving the Gift Card via email. … [Read more...]

Etsy Gift Card Worth $25 Giveaway

Here's your chance to Win Etsy Gift Card Worth $25. Yes, you can buy anything you want on Etsy with this Gift Card. I love Etsy and I am sure most of you are Etsy addict already :)   How To Enter You can enter this Giveaway by following one (or more)of these Entry Methods. You can choose … [Read more...]

Win Handmade Organic Beauty Products Worth $50

Win Handmade Organic Beauty Products Worth $50 Happy 4th of July! I had promised you that I would run a Etsy Gift Card Giveaway but I will be running that Giveaway later this month. I have something else for you for now :) Here's your chance to Win Handmade Organic Skin care Products from an Etsy … [Read more...]

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