Acne Free Skin in 7 Days- Challenge

Today I am going to tell you how to be acne free in 7 days. Its not a zit zapper which only targets specific area if you follow this routine for a week without missing anything you can see your skin glow and acne go away . Once you get rid of those acne you can  follow this regime once or twice a week for maintenance. Doing this twice a week prevents acne and gives you a radiant skin.

Any harsh ingredient or treatment can only make your acne worse which results in scarring,  itchy and flaky skin.This recipe is gentle on skin however don’t use ACV neat on your skin, it needs to be diluted with water otherwise its too strong for any type of skin and can even cause redness and burning.

Morning Ritual-

Wash your face with raw organic honey or Manuka honey. Apply the honey and massage in a light circular motion for about a minute and rinse off with warm water.

Make an ACV-Honey Toner

Take one part Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon Honey and 8 parts distilled water. Pour everything in a bottle and shake well.  Apply it on your face with the help of a cotton ball. Let it dry, no need to rinse. But if you are stepping out rinse it off after 20 minutes.

Follow with your moisturizer, sunscreen lotion/cream.

Night Time Routine-

Oil Cleansing

Take one tbsp. Hazelnut Oil(Use Grapeseed oil if you don’t have hazelnut oil) mix 2 drops Tea Tree Oil and follow the OCM Instruction.

If your skin feels a little tight after OCM use 2 drops grapeseed or jojoba oil. Don’t apply anything else.

OCM has to be done only on the first and seventh day. From second to sixth  day use this recipe in the night-

Take raw honey and use it as a cleanser, if you use make-up, remove make-up with jojoba oil and follow with honey cleanser.

Take 1/2 oz or 15ml Evening Primrose Oil mix 5-6 drops tea tree oil and shake well, store it in a dark amber glass bottle with a dropper. Use it as a night time serum for 5 days.

Thats about it, its simple and effective, you will love how your skin looks on the seventh day, clear, glowing and acne free. If you have old acne scars  it will fade slowly just stick to this regime to achieve Blemish free, glowing skin.

Note: Always use Certified Organic Essential and Carrier Oils, Organic Honey and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in it(Bragg’s a good brand).

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  1. 1

    Hi Leon,

    What brand of raw honey would you recommand? Thanks!!

  2. 3

    So we do OCM on the 1st and 7th day, the 2nd-6th day we don’t do OCM, but everything else. Correct? If we can’t order online, where can we find Evening Primrose Oil? And if raw honey can’t be found can regular honey substitute? Sorry to bombard you with questions Leon, I want to make sure I get it right, haha.

    • 4

      Hi Dee, You are right, OCM has to be done on the first and seventh day. You can buy Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil from any aromatherapy store. Yes, you can use 100% pure honey if raw, organic honey is not available, but raw is always better. No problem:) Let me know how it goes.

  3. 5

    Hi. Would tap water be ok if I don’t have distilled water? And could tea tree oil be used to replace apple cider vinegar in the toner? Thanks alot!

  4. 6

    Hi Jojo, No you should never use tap water as it contains chlorine and other chemicals and can be very harsh on your skin, use mineral water if distilled water is not available. Apple Cider Vinegar is an important ingredient of this whole regime so it should not be replaced, apple cider vinegar kills bacteria that might cause acne and also gives you a radiant complexion. Using too much of Tea Tree Oil can only dry out your skin.

  5. 7

    Hi Leon, this sounds very interesting, I am definitely going to try this.

  6. 8

    Would love to hear how it goes Sarah:)

  7. 9

    Hi Leon,

    How do i measure 1 part of ACV? Can one tablespoon be one part?
    Please let me know , thanks. I’ve been having breakouts , and it’s difficult for me to obtain the essential oils in where i live. I only have tea tree oil and Primrose. Is it okay if i dont use hazelnut?

  8. 10

    Hello Leon! (ugh strange my comment from yesterday disappeared) .. I got a question concerning the toner. You said there is no need to rinse it off. So I could just leave it on and put my daytime cream and my makeup over it?

  9. 11

    Niva- You can mix one tsp. ACV with 8 tsp. Distilled or Mineral Water. You can use Evening Primrose Oil or Grapeseed Oil for OCM if you don’t have Hazelnut Oil.

    Anita- I checked my spam folder too but I could not find your comment anyway thanks for commenting again:) If you are stepping out I would suggest you rinse it off because ACV is rich in Alpha Hydroxy acids and AHAs make your skin photo sensitive so to avoid burning its best you rinse it off.

  10. 12

    thanks for the answer 🙂 thats interesting. So on cloudy days it shouldn’t be a big problem 😉 I keep you up to date how I am doing! Thanks for the guide!

    • 13

      Hi Anita, its better you avoid ACV if you are stepping out, I would never put on ACV and go out even if it is cloudy:) If you want to leave it on for a longer duration you could probably do it in the night. But night time is not very ideal time for applying a toner because it might not let the serum or cream penetrate completely, but its ok if you are doing it once in a while. Hope it helps:)

  11. 14

    Leon , the only primrose oil i found was Primrose E which has Evening Primose Oil, Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol*), Grape Seed Oil and Isopropyl Myristate. It’s thick and oily compared to my Tea Tree oil , hence for my serum , i added more tea tree oil than primrose E cause i’m really afraid the thicker oil substance might make me breakout even more. Do you think it might work?

  12. 15

    Hi Niva, you need to use Cold pressed evening primrose oil. Vitamin E is good for acne scars but its too heavy to be used for acne treatment.

  13. 16

    I have a question regarding honey. When i use it as a honey mask, after a few minutes my face starts to feel a little itchy. It then subsides. After washing it off, where I was itchy, there are some red spots. Now my question is “Is the honey drawing out the impurities from under my skin and manifesting into spots?”

    I guess I want to know if what is happening is normal, that it is not some allergic reaction causing a breakout.


  14. 17

    You say to use the serum for 7 days, but after OCM on the first and seventh days, you say not to apply anything else?

  15. 18

    A short status: I am doing your challenge since 14th July and I strictly followed it for now. And I never thought that my skin will get so clear without soap. My skin really loves the honey 🙂 I didn’t get big infections since I started. Only two or three small pimples. My skin especially likes the honey. I let it on the skin for a few minutes before I wash it of. So far I am very amazed and pleased with the result. Thanks for sharing, Leon!

  16. 19

    Ammura, I guess you are reacting to Apple cider vinegar, honey should not be a problem unless you are allergic to bee products. Some people’s skin reacts to ACV for the first few applications and its absolutely normal, you could cut down the amount of ACV and increase it slowly once your skin gets used to it.

  17. 20

    Susan, thanks for correcting me, I meant to write 5 days not 7. On OCM days nothing is required, if your skin feels tight you can use 2 drops Grapeseed or Jojoba Oil.

  18. 21

    Anita, Glad to hear that:) Thanks so much for letting us all know that its working for you!

  19. 22

    Leon, I have not yet started this regimen. I have just been applying a facial honey masque and leaving it on for 15 minutes everyday at night before going to bed.

  20. 23

    I have tried honey in other facial masques (asprin, e.g) and I have had no problems so I am a little confused as to why my skin is reacting to honey. Maybe I am leaving it on for too long?

  21. 25

    Hi Leon, I am almost on my last day and I experienced something odd. My face is clear except the jawlines right and left below the ears 🙁 I had a small breakout there. I guess either its because I neglect the jawlines a bit too much when I cleans with honey or it is because I like to pick at my pimples there and i spread the bacteria? I should stop picking 🙁

  22. 26

    Today is my last day of the challenge. I had a small outbrake yesterday on my jawline but it was probably because I picked on some pimples that were there and spread the bacterica.

    My resumee: Expect my jawline (where I picked :P) my skin really cleared up without any soap! And I think it looks even better than one week after cleaning it with soap. So I will recommend this treatment to others too for sure.

    I did it with normal raw honey from Austria. But I am sure I would get even better results with Manuka Honey. I ordered a glass full from ebay yesterday and probably will give it another testrun with the Manuka.

    What I liked best was the ACV toner. I could never leave it on my face longer than 10 minutes though. But I consider to keep using it over night. Especially on the zones where I get breakouts. I probably will use the honey only cleaning too one or two times a week.

  23. 27

    Hey Anita, your previous comment was in my spam folder, its strange.

    Anyway, I am so happy to hear that it cleared up your skin. Manuka honey will give you better result. Jawline breakout could be a result of wrong shampoo or conditioner, make sure you don’t let your shampoo or conditioner sit on your face. And yes do not pick at pimples it will leave scars.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience:)

  24. 28

    Thanks for the reply, Leon! Oh shampoo you say? Might be! I got a new organic shampoo since two weeks or so. I will try switching back to my old shampoo/conditioner and see if it changes anything. Thanks for the advice! Never would have thought of that.

  25. 29

    Yes Anita, sometimes some ingredient in shampoo or conditioner might cause jawline breakout. Let me know how it goes:)

  26. 30

    Just a couple of quick questions. For the ACV-Toner can you be a bit more specific on measurements….I am concerned I might be weakening the honey by using too much water/acv. Also, you noted on the OCM nights to use use hazelnut and tea tree oil-no castor oil? I thought OCM needed the castor oil long with another oil of your choice to help breakdown the other oils/cleanse?

    I have started to use this routine and want to make sure I am doing it ‘right’. Thanks so much!

  27. 31

    Susan, you can mix one tsp. ACV with 8 Tsp. Distilled water and half tsp. Honey to make a toner. Castor oil can be used but its not compulsory, I have tried OCM with and without Castor Oil and I didn’t feel much difference. Some people tend to break out with castor oil so I didn’t mention it for acne treatment. Please let us know how everything goes:)

  28. 32

    Well – this looked like it might work but around day 4 all heck broke out (pun intended). I am thinking it might be the evening primrose oil…read some info on the web that it could irritate existing acne. Oh well.

  29. 33

    Hi Susan, Sorry to hear that you broke out badly. Evening primrose is a little heavy oil but because of its GLA(Gamma Linolenic Acids) content it has been proven to work on acne and it is non comedogenic . Did you add tea tree oil? I hope you followed ACV toner and OCM too.(which oil did you use for OCM?)

  30. 34

    I was doing everything as noted – tea tree oil and all. I was using grapeseed oil for the ocm.

  31. 35

    Oh! you might be allergic to one of the ingredients.

  32. 36

    Wow, I printed up this article for my 20 year old son who’s suffered from acne for the past 6 years. He’s on day 5 of the treatment and his skin has never looked better! Can’t wait to see him after day 7! You rock Leon!

  33. 38

    Hi, is it alright if I use evening primrose oil from a capsule? I was thinking of taking the oil from a few capsules and store them in a dark amber bottle but I’m not sure if it would go rancid..

  34. 39

    Yes, you can use the capsules as long as it says 100% pure evening primrose oil without any fillers.

  35. 40
    Colleen says:

    I started this regime three days ago after my dermatologist insisted that only strong medication could treat my skin (rosacea, acne AND cystic acne – nice).

    I was very nervous before the first application of oil – it really was a leap of faith. Straight after my skin felt great, even though I’d been applying heat, which with rosacea is a real no-no). Now my pores are clear for the first time in years, and my skin feels soft and supple.

    I had a few huge spots, so I dabbed manuka honey and Vit C powder directly on them before bed each night. Now you can hardly see them.

    Looking forward to the next few days, and to see how much it changes my skin. Thanks so much for posting this info.

  36. 41

    Can this method be used on cystic acne ? I’m suffering from cystic acne and I’ve got 3 huge nodes as I write this. I so badly want to clear up the skin the natural way.

  37. 43
    Gemma Friend says:

    Hi Leon,


    I have been suffering with Acne combined with hormone problems for about 4 years now and I have recently started using aromatherapy oils on my face as well as well as other ways of use. I have had a quite bad erruption this previous couple of weeks and only started the OCM 2 days ago using castor oil, i am not sure if this has made it worse. There is so much out there on the internet I am now confused whether to us it or not, I thought it was meant to help acne!!?? I have written down your recipies for the 7 day program which I will start tomorrow but I still have this massive bottle of castor oil and dont want to stop using it if I dont need to. The internet made it sound as though it is better then any of the other oils at breaking down oil/dirt & make-up whilst helping acne because of some of its properties.

    I have been so low these last few days and dont know what ti do, I dont want to leave the house.

    Thank you for any help in advance

  38. 45

    Can I Use the honey that comes like in a bear jar ?

  39. 47

    Hi may I know what brand of hazelnut oil, tea tree oil and evening primrose oil u recommend? I’m new to oil and dunno which one will be good for me.

  40. 49

    Nice to read this post! Because it’s hard to find shop selling oil here, so, for the OCM, what other oil can I use other than hazelnut oil? What is the function of hazelnut oil in OCM actually?


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