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Welcome to Holistic Saffron! 🙂 

I am Citrine, a Crunchy Mama, Aromatherapist, Herbalist and Blogger. I love all things Green and I am a Homebirthing, Babywearing, Tandem Nursing,  Co-sleeping, Cloth Diapering Mama.

I am also an Intuitive Energy Healer (Crystals, Chakra, Reiki and Aura), Reiki Master, Angel Healing Practitioner and Past Life Healing Practitioner 🙂

Things that I love: Spending time with my Gorgeous Babies, Mother Nature, Traveling,  Healing, Arts, Finding amazing stuff on Etsy, Photography, Dancing , Reading Books (Alternative Medicine, Ancient Healing Techniques, Goddesses).

Why I started this Blog: I have always been interested in making my own beauty products using the freshest ingredients possible, right from high school. I used to experiment with fresh vegetables, fruits and oils because commercial products would irritate my sensitive skin. My love for homemade beauty recipes motivated me to take up Aromatherapy and Herbalism courses and I am so happy to be able to share my recipes with you all. The reason why I started this Blog( in April 2007) was to help other women interested in DIY Beauty and Green Living.

 My Beauty Blog eventually turned into a Mommy Blog and now I enjoy Blogging even more. I love connecting with like minded Mamas and sharing and learning with them.

What am I doing currently?

I am writing  a new  e-book on Holistic Remedies For Babies and Children.

Please email me if you have any questions 🙂

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