6 Holistic Remedies For Mastitis



 6 natural remedies for mastitis

6 Holistic Remedies For Mastitis

I got my first Mastitis infection when my Son was 8 months old. As soon as I felt a hard painful knot on the left side I knew it was Mastitis. But I kicked its butt within 24 hours 🙂 Antibiotics for Mastitis is not recommended because Antibiotics can give you Thrush which is equally painful and it also disturbs you and your baby’s gut flora.

So don’t let mastitis ruin your wonderful breastfeeding experience. Learn how you can get rid of Mastitis naturally using these holistic methods.

What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is an inflammation of a Breast tissue and can turn into a nasty infection if not treated immediately.It usually occurs if your baby doesn’t empty your breasts when he feeds. Check for any hardness, redness or swelling in your breasts.

What are the Symptoms of Mastitis?

Symptoms are Headache, Bodyache, Fever, Fluish feeling and Fatigue and can really drain you out if not treated immediately.

6 Holistic  Remedies to Get Rid Of Mastitis Naturally:

1. Hot Shower followed by Hot Compress: Hot shower helps unclog the milk ducts and its very soothing and relaxing. Hot compress can also be used by dipping a piece of cotton cloth in hot water and placing it on the breasts.

2. Raw Garlic:  Garlic has a compound called Allicin which is a powerful antibiotic and can be used for Mastitis, Thrush, Ear infection and many other ailments.Don’t bother about the garlicky breath, garlicky breath is any day better than a painful breast.

3: Phytolacca (Buy here): Phytolacca is a homeopathic remedy and is a well known remedy for Mastitis. Take Phytolacca 200c one dose (2-3 pills).

If you have a high fever along with redness and soreness then consider taking Belladonna 30c first.

4. Elderberry: Black Elderberry also known as Winter Tonic is an amazing immune enhancer and works great on Mastitis. I take Elderberry(400mg) during the Flu season but I upped it to 800mg to clear up Mastitis infection as I didn’t want to go into the Fever stage.You can have Elderberry Tea, Tincture or Juice if you don’t want to take capsules. As a bonus it will boost your immunity. Echinacea also works well if you don’t have Elderberry.

5. Vitamin C: Take 2000mg Vitamin C everyday until the infection clears up. I would not recommend higher dosage as too much  Vitamin C supplement may decrease your milk supply.

6. Cabbage Leaves– You can take 2 clean cabbage leaves and stuff it inside your bra like breast pads. Cabbage’s anti-inflammatory properties work wonders on mastitis.

If you don’t have Phytolacca and Elderberry you can skip them (but I highly recommend them especially if you suffer from recurrent infection) and just do the Garlic, Hot Shower and Vitamin C. Drink lots of water and get enough rest because dehydration and stress can only worsen Mastitis. Nurse as much as you can especially on the infected side.

 6 natural remedies for mastitis


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