3 Holistic Remedies To Help Your Child Sleep Through The Night

 3 Holistic Remedies To help your child sleep through the night

Are you wondering why your baby is getting up in the night frequently? You might not want to hear it but night waking is totally normal in young babies. Every baby is different. Some babies are great sleepers right from day one and some wake up frequently in the night and that is normal. Yes, it is normal for young babies to wake up in the night and they generally outgrow it by 2.

Did you know that a few diet changes and some bedtime rituals could help your baby sleep better?

Tips :

Hunger: Is your baby’s tummy full? If you are breastfeeding you can nurse him in the night. Night nursing is amazing for Mama and Baby both as long as a Mama is not too exhausted. I have always found night nursing to be amazing because our body produces oxytocin when we nurse, that relaxes us and help us sleep better.

Diet: How is your diet? Are you eating sugar, caffeine, spicy foods close to your bed time? That might be making your baby restless because your baby reacts to everything that you eat and his sleep is hugely affected by what you eat for dinner. 

Temporary Illness or discomfort: Is your baby suffering from Ear Infection, Teething (this natural teething remedy can be a life saver), Colic or any other discomfort? If your baby has been a great sleeper and if he suddenly becomes restless in the night then make sure you check that he is not having any of the above mentioned discomforts.

Here are some Home Remedies to Make Your Baby Sleep Better


Foods rich in Tryptophan will help your Baby sleep blissfully through the night. Tryptophan is an amino acid which helps calm our nervous system, improves our mood and helps us sleep better. Foods rich in Tryptophan are

Sweet Potato, Chicken, Turkey, Goat Milk, Pumpkin Seeds etc.

If your baby is exclusively breastfed then you can include these foods in your diet. Make sure you have one or more of these foods for dinner.

As a breastfeeding Mother you can also take your Calcium Magnesium supplement at Bedtime so it calms you as well as your Baby and helps you both sleep better.

Aromatherapy Hydrosol Bath

A warm bath before bedtime helps your baby relax and calm down. You can add a cap of Lavender (buy here) or Chamomile Hydrosol (buy here) to his bath water. For babies 6 months and up only. Don’t let the water get inside your Baby’s eyes.

Baby Massage

There’s nothing better than a Baby massage to help your baby sleep blissfully. A Mother’s touch can do miracles and massaging your baby before bedtime not only strengthens your bond with your baby but also calms him down and eases any digestive discomfort if there’s any. Researches have also shown that a baby massage can strengthen a baby’s immune system.What do you do to make your baby sleep through the night? Would love to hear 🙂

 3 Holistic Remedies To Help Your Child sleep Through The Night

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