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DIY Refreshing Citrus Deodorant Recipe

Are you still using Commercial Deodorants filled with toxic ingredients? Or are you not able to find a good one with all natural ingredients with your choice of fragrance? I hear ya'! I ditched Commercial Deodorants and Perfumes years back when I learnt that sweet smell was not as sweet as it seemed … [Read more...]

35 Awesome Giveaways- Win $1000 Amazon Gift Cards,Ipad Mini, Etsy Gift Card and More…!!!

35 Awesome Giveaways- Win $1000 Amazon Gift Cards, Ipad Mini and More...!!!   Hold your breath Guys because today I am sharing an Awesome Giveaway Round-up from my Wonderful Village Green Network Friends ! You can win Amazon Gift Cards, Ipad Mini, Kitchen Tools, Books and … [Read more...]

Win Etsy Gift Card Worth $25

Win Etsy Gft Card Worth $25 Wouldn't it be awesome if you could win a Gift Card? You can buy anything you want and keep it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones. I am running an Etsy Gift Card Giveaway for the second time so feel free to participate :) Oh! And I am going to post an Awesome … [Read more...]

Help People in Cambodia Get Clean Drinking Water

When Drinking Water becomes a Luxury Did you know that people in Cambodia do not have access to clean drinking water? Can you imagine being able to live without clean drinking water? Its unimaginable because we have never faced it but for people in Cambodia its a luxury! People there are not only … [Read more...]

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