Archives for November 2012

Carrot and Parsley Facial Mask Recipe To Lighten Freckles

  Happy Thanksgiving! There's a saying " A girl without Freckles is like a night without stars". I find freckles to be cute but I have also noticed that this is one thing that many people want to get rid of. I receive loads of emails and comments from my blog readers asking about home … [Read more...]

Brazilian Beauty Secret- Babassu Oil and Butter: Beauty Secrets From Around the World

Have you ever wondered why Brazilian women are so Beautiful?  Babassu Oil is one of the Traditional Beauty Secrets of these Lovely  South American Women. Babassu oil (you can buy it here) or cusi oil is a clear light yellow vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the Babassu palm (Attalea … [Read more...]

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