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Morning Banana Diet- Japanese Way Of Losing Weight

Have you heard of Morning Banana Diet which was developed by one of the pharmacists in Japan? Its becoming so popular that there's a shortage of Bananas in Japan. Sounds strange? Hmmm... we've always heard that Bananas should be avoided specially if you are on a weight loss diet so how come Banana … [Read more...]

Does Acai Berry Really Help You Lose Weight?

The short answer is yes! However, I am sure you are not reading this just for that quick answer. You likely want to know the technical analysis behind why it works. Your metabolism will be boosted Acai berries have amino acids in them. These amino acids act as the building blocks for protein. The … [Read more...]

Facial Yoga Helps Delay Wrinkles And Tone Facial Muscles

Facial Yoga With poor dieting, no exercise, and even less skin care or rather excess use of commercial skin care products, you are likely to find yourself looking much older than you should. There are very few options available currently that can fix this problem. Scared of Botox? One … [Read more...]

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