Archives for February 2009

Bee Pollen Complex – An Anti-Aging Miracle

Bee Pollen Complex is one of the few supplements on the market that offers real anti-aging benefits on a scientific level. I have been taking American Health's Bee Pollen Complex for the past 6 months and it really has made a positive impact on my health. Its is a combination of Bee Pollen, Royal … [Read more...]

Quick Fix Beauty Tips For Valentine’s Day

You haven't had enough time to pamper your skin because of your busy schedule and you need to look your best today, I have some quick fix beauty tips for you. This recipe will revitalize your skin instantly and will make your skin glow. Cleanse your face properly and follow with a facial … [Read more...]

Review Of The Perfect Menopause- 7 Steps To The Best Time Of Your Life

I just finished reading a book called The Perfect Menopause, written by Dr. Henry Hess and what a wonderful read. I know I still have time to start reading books on Menopause but its never a bad idea to prepare yourself for everything that you know you are going to face someday. Menopause is … [Read more...]

Top 3 Essential Oils For Hair Loss

  Top 3 Essential Oils For Hair Loss There could be several factors contributing to hair loss, some of the main reasons could be improper diet, stress, environmental pollutants, age or health conditions like hyperthyroidism. If you are dealing with excessive hair loss for a longer period of … [Read more...]

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