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How To Add Shine To Dull Hair?

Make a powder of dry lemon rinds, orange peels and pomegranate skin. Add coconut oil to this and apply to prevent hair loss and get shiny hair. … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Facial Mask For Sensitive Skin

Take some grated pumpkin. Mix this pumpkin with egg yolk and apply it on the face. Leave it for15 minutes and rinse off. It works wonders on sensitive skin. … [Read more...]

Walnut Pack For Tanned Skin

Ingredients: 5-6 Walnuts Almond Oil- 1 Teaspoon Milk Rose Water Take 5-6 Walnuts, powder it well, put a little Almond Oil for moisturizing. Add some Milk and Rose Water and make a paste of these ingredients. Spread the paste all over your tanned skin and wash off once it dries. Use this … [Read more...]

How To Get Smooth And Pink Lips?

1. Apply Moisturizer or Lip Balm before applying lipstick. 2. To get natural Pink Lips apply Beetroot Juice before going to bed. 3. Grind Rose Petals and apply on lips to get smooth and pink lips. 4.Take an old brush and brush gently on lips to get rid off chapped lips. 5. Apply any … [Read more...]

Remedies For Blackheads

1. Make a paste of ground Radish Seed with water and apply on face to remove blackheads. 2. Make a paste of Roasted & Powdered Pomegranate Skin with fresh lime juice and apply over boils, pimple, blackhead removal and whiteheads. 3. Apply a paste of fresh Fenugreek on your face every … [Read more...]

Home Remedies For Body Odor And Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating and Body Odour can be very irritating and embarrassing. Here are some remedies to control it.1. Drink one cup of tomato juice everyday for 1 week. The following week, Drink 1 cup of the juice, every other day. Then drink when needed.2. Spray deodorant or talc after shower.3. Soak … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid Of Freckles Naturally?

I personally think that Freckles look cute but I know lots of people who don't like them and just want to get rid of them. Here are some remedies to fade freckles. 1.You can fade freckles by rubbing Lemon on your skin or by applying Lemon Juice using a cotton ball. Lemon has a natural acidic … [Read more...]

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